Project developing

RPP with a large number of different collaborators experts, economists, financial experts, energy experts and experts in different technologies represent a good basis for the project development.

The project development includes the following:


Analysis of wider area and micro locations

It includes an analysis of the necessary infrastructure (access roads, transport routes), geotechnical investigations, etc.

Analysis and evaluation of primary energy sources power plants

The investment decision determine the technologies and primary energy sources as most important input data in order to secure sufficient investment in generation capacity and to ensure that it made in the right type of capacity.

Feasibility Study

Depending on the project may require preparation of a preliminary feasibility study and feasibility study with a preliminary design.

Preparation of urban-planning documents

Depending on the type of plant and the spatial plan sometime is necessary to make spatial planning documentation (plan of detailed regulation)

Preparation of documentation for obtaining permits

Depending on the type of the plant we might prepare all the necessary requirements and supporting documentation for obtaining permits

Analysis of connecting power plant to the grid

It assumes prior analysis of integration in the power system and studies connection on the grid

Environmental impact

Within the planning documents can occur request for making strategical estimates of environmental impacts, and later after making the preliminary design and study of environmental impact

Technical documentation

It assumes producing conceptual solutions of the power plant preliminary design (depending on the complexity of the project) and the main project for building permit.

Economic and financial analysis

The first estimate of the investment value of the project should be done in the initial stage of project development. The evaluation should show whether the project will be economically successful or not. If the initial assessment is negative, further planning of the project should be terminated to avoid further expenses. The structure of investment costs depends on the type of project, but also for the same type of project varies from case to case.

Health and safety

It means all necessary documentation and procedures before construction start and during construction.

Selection of suppliers and contractors

Preparation of tenders, commercial evaluation and bidders selection.


Contracting and assist during the negotiation with the key suppliers (EPC, O&M, etc.)


Project finance is specially designed for the purposes of financing certain projects. Debt repayment is based on cash flow and assets of the project.

To provide such funding, the project must be carefully designed to be able to ensure that the obligations of all parties to be agreed and contractually binding.

Project Managment Team

The investor should normally have a presence in the EPC Contractors offices during the execution of the EPC Contract, so called Project Managment Team to overlook the EPC Contractor and to carry out the works in accordance with the agreed scope of works and in accordance with the Contract.

Why are mentioned services important for your business?

Services we are offering will minimize the risk for investors verifying the development potential and economic viability of the identified locations. Using existing engineering methods we can confirm that the project can be implemented and that the targets set can be achieved.

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