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Vestas V27-225 kW

Vestas V27 Vestas V27


The remanufactured Vestas V27 225kW medium sized wind turbine is suitable for powering larger farms, community projects and commercial properties.

The energy capture of the Vestas V27 turbine is exceptionally good across a wide range of wind speeds and comes installed on a 31m freestanding tower for maximum energy capture.

The Vestas V27 turbine is intended for a range of harsh conditions, especially exposed locations. The remaining design life of these machines is in excess of 20 years.

The V27 225kW is designed for an ambient temperature range from -20 to +40, anything outside of this range there must be special precautions must be taken.

Technical data

Vestas V27
General data
Production date 1999
IEC class IIB
Working hours [h] 5690
Produced energy [kWh] N/A
The date of the WT availability N/A
Wind conditions
Nominal Wind Speed [m/s] 11
Cut-in Wind Speed [m/s] 3.5
Survival Wind Speed [m/s] 56
Rotor Speed [rpm] 43 rpm nominal
Rotor Diameter [m] 27
Number of blades 3
Blade material Fibreglass/polyester
Control System Pitch controlled
Nominated active power [kW] 225
Nominated voltage [V] N/A
Type N/A
Frequency [Hz] 50
Tower type Steel
Height [m] 50
No.sections 3
Additional equipment
Transformer LV-MV N/A
WTG Circuit breaker N/A
WTG protection relay N/A
Anchor cage N/A
Aviation lights N/A





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