IN RE-POWER Project we have know-how about necessary procedures which should be taken to efficiently issued permit to the client.

IMPORTANT: When the wind turbine exceed a height of 50m or total installed power equals or exceeds 10 MW, in which case it falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Construction, or the competent authority of the autonomous province if it is situated at the territory of the autonomous province.

Energy permit

IMPORTANT: An Energy Permit is required only for energy-related facilities of 1MW or larger.

The below documents must be presented together with the Application for issuance of the EP:

- Information on the location or town planning requirements (if issued)

- Feasibility Study on Construction of the energy-related facility (recommendation: General Design including Pre-feasibility Study), with separate analysis of possible impacts on the environment, including the proposal of protection measures.

- Statement of a bank confirming its readiness to support financing of the construction.

- Opinion of the transmission/distribution system operator on possibilities to connect the facility to the system.

Location consents

A Location consents contains all the requirements and data needed for preparation of the technical documentation and the Main Design, in compliance with the valid planning document

Construction permit

Upon completion of the technical supervision of the Main Design and a positive report, a request for the Construction Permit must be submitted to the competent authority in the local self-government unit.

The Main Design specifies civil engineering, technical and technological exploitation features of the facility, including the equipment and installations, technical-technological and organizational solutions for construction of the facility, cost of the investment and requirements to maintain the facility.

The Main Design is subject to technical review by company with necessary licences.

Operating permit

The technical inspection establishes the fitness of a facility for use.

The facility may be used after the Operating Permit has been obtained. It is necessary to submit the As-Built Design during the process of obtaining the Operating Permit


The following conditions must be fulfilled:

1) The entity shall be registered in the Business Registry;

2) Fulfillment of the necessary technical requirements by the Wind Farms (concerning power generation,

fire protection, environmental protection) and the ownership right or right to use the facility;

3) Staff qualifications;

4) Available financial resources (evidence on solvency, balance sheet...);

IMPORTANT: A license is the permit to perform an energy-related activity; it is issued by the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia. It is required only for 1MW facilities or larger.

Status of Privileged Producer

Application for the status of the privileged producer:

1) A copy of the license for engaging in electricity generation, if the power plant has the capacity exceeding or equal to 1 MW;

2) A copy of the agreement signed with the licence holder, if the power plant has the capacity equal to or exceeding 1 MW, and the producer is not the holder of the licence;

3) As-built Design of the constructed power plant facility;

4) A copy of the agreement signed for connection to the distribution or the transmission system;

5) Operating Permit;

6) Data on the person in charge of the power plant management.

Power Purchase Agreement

Request to sign the Power Purchase Agreement with EPS Snabdevanje (term: 12 years)


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