Project finance

project financingThe project finance is tailored to meet the needs of a specific project. Repayment of the financing relies on the cash flow and the assets of the project itself. The risks (and returns) are borne not by the sponsor alone but by different types of investors (equity holders, debt providers, quasi-equity investors). Because risks are shared, one criterion of a project's suitability for financing is whether it is able to stand alone as a distinct legal and economic entity. Project assets, project-related contracts, and project cash flows need to be separated from those of the sponsor.

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Community energy projects

community projectCommunity energy projects do not necessarily have to revolve around utility-scale technologies. Small wind, solar and biogas technologies can be used in community energy projects through the various ways a community can cooperate on their purchasing, installation, financing, maintenance, etc.

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RPP is able to support our clients during the negotiation process. One key to the profitable development of projects is the efficient negotiation of financeable project documents.

EPC contract (Engineer, Procure, Construct - Contract) - Power projects in energy industries are often delivered by a single lump-sum turnkey engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor. From a financing party's perspective, this model is attractive because there is one point of responsibility under one contract for all of the risks involved in building a complex power project.

In the wind industry, projects are often constructed by owners and developers pursuant to multiple contracts with various parties, including turbine suppliers (including transport) and one or more balance-of-plant contractors. With each of these contractors, owner has contract which was negotiated at different times.

As a result, there can be gaps and overlaps at the interface points among these contractors, with possible holes in the responsibility framework that by default become the owner's responsibility. Lenders must assess these risks and will often be uncomfortable if the owner is taking on risks that are more appropriately or efficiently borne by other parties to the contracts.

Izrada prethodne studije opravdanosti i studije opravdanosti

Ma koliko vaša investicija bila očigledno dobra, bankari, međunarodne institucije, donatori i drugi finansijeri zahtevaju obrazloženje na način na koji su oni propisali. Takođe, za većinu važnih investicija i naš zakon traži da se pripremi i obrazloži studija opravdanosti i/ili prethodna studija opravdanosti. Postoji mnogo dobrih projekata koji nisu finansirani samo zato što finansijeri nisu dobili dokaze o svrsishodnosti projekta kakve su oni očekivali.

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Environmental impact assessment study

Environmental impact assessment is a preventive measure of environmental protection based on the request processing, the Study preparation, public consultations and analyses of alternative measures aimed at data collecting and foreseeing the harmful impacts of particular projects on the environment and human health, flora and fauna, soil, water, air, climate and landscape, material and cultural resources and the interactive effects of these factors, and at defining and proposing measures that may prevent, reduce or eliminate such harmful impacts having in mind the feasibility of these projects.

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